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In my positive climate future, the air is clear, the climate is perfect, animals are healthy and prevalent, and the climate is no longer an issue.

Maddie Jurek

I am here in the future. It is 2040. Windmills and solar panels are common sources of energy. Cities are walkable and electric vehicles are used to get around further distances! I have my own garden and enjoy eating fresh produce. I am lowering my meat consumption too!


We fixed the Caspian Sea and found a boat that will likely be visible for only a few more months until the sea is back to its original depth the fish are also returning!!!

Zahraa Jameel

My positive climate future look has more trees and plants and waterfalls. You can smell the scent of wet dirt and flowers in the air. You can feel the leaves against your skin and water against your foot. You can hear the birds chirping and the sound of water dripping.

Anna Winter

Everything here is so clean and fresh. Back home (the past) My throat and head would be killing be after just a few moments outside due to the pollution. There is nature and animals everywhere, even the buildings have plants coming off of the sides..

Macy English

Gardens are thriving. The artificial rain systems have been functioning for years perfectly.

Alexis Vang

My positive climate future looks greener and feels healthier. In regards to the other three senses, they all sound, taste, and smell the same. With the addition of new technology to help out agriculture and benefit the people.


The soils are happy to drink the rain.


We look forward to hiking in clean air and taking renewable-energy transportation to a trailhead for a day of hiking in pristine wilderness.

Renee Puchalsky

I envision only plants and bodies of water covering the earth. People live in underground dwellings connected with these arches that lead to underground ( heated by the earth so no need for fossil fuels or wind vanes or solar areas). It feels fresh and smells “earthy”


It feels like an university campus with big beautiful buildings, trees and gardens everywhere, and people of all kind and colors.