Evan Michaeli

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Evan Michaeli

We used to be at mercy to fossil fuel giants, but my future shakes away their greed. A positive climate future would see investment in biking and public transit infrastructure, moving away from cars. Also, plastics are no longer used, instead reusables. Greenery lines the streets and buildings.

Albi ludwig

My future will look very green and full of lush landscapes. There will be sounds of birds chirping, bees buzzing, and leaves rustling. It will smell amazing.

Kendall Martinek

The climate future is beautiful! You can hear the water rushing from the dam, smell the wildflowers growing alongside the river, and feel the warm breeze on your skin while walking alongside the water.

Sreya Ann Oommen

Our dream, the newair is a success. Its effect was far more than we could have imagined. Long story short, the air in Delhi is not polluted any more. Our kids’ future is positively pleasant and beautiful. We have enough. We channel resources to help everyone we could.

Olivia Parker-Swenson

We have no more air left to breathe. The pollution from factories fill the air, blanketing us from the warm rays of the sun. The water in the area is slowly disappearing along with the surrounding nature and wildlife. The future is looking grim.

alejandra and shayna

The fact that I don’t even drive a car anymore and I use boats as my main transportation is frustrating. The water smells like sewage and isn’t clear I’m afraid I will fall in and get sick. My dogs can’t even play in the yard anymore they are trapped.

Olivia Parker-Swenson

Our climate future is filled with fresh scents and clean air. The waterfall is surrounded by colorful, vibrant plants that produce the most delicious, juicy fruit. New technology has been created to harvest energy from our natural waterfalls without harming the ecosystem.

Cassandra Martin

Everything around me looks dead, dry, and hot. I hear the crackling sounds of the wildfires, the water and the rising sea level. I smell the burnt smells of the fire, the trashy smell of the increased pollution and fossil fuels. It feels hot, dry and insulated.


In my positive climate future, the air is clear, the climate is perfect, animals are healthy and prevalent, and the climate is no longer an issue.

Maddie Jurek

I am here in the future. It is 2040. Windmills and solar panels are common sources of energy. Cities are walkable and electric vehicles are used to get around further distances! I have my own garden and enjoy eating fresh produce. I am lowering my meat consumption too!


We fixed the Caspian Sea and found a boat that will likely be visible for only a few more months until the sea is back to its original depth the fish are also returning!!!

Zahraa Jameel

My positive climate future look has more trees and plants and waterfalls. You can smell the scent of wet dirt and flowers in the air. You can feel the leaves against your skin and water against your foot. You can hear the birds chirping and the sound of water dripping.