Postcards from the Future

Step 1:

Take a minute to look at the images below and imagine how they might illustrate your own positive climate future. When and where are you? How have human resilience, empathy and ingenuity helped us to adapt to the climate crisis? How is life in the future, anyway? What did you eat for lunch, how do you get around, how’s the weather?

Step 2:

Write a postcard from that future! Select one of the images from our gallery of beautiful images created by Brazilian digital artist João Queiroz, and tell us when in the future and where in the world you’re sending it from. Address your postcard to someone in our present who might be inspired by this glimpse of a positive future…a friend, a relative, a classmate, or even yourself.

Step 3:

Share your postcard via email, social media, or print it out and mail it.

Please consider sharing your postcard in our digital gallery so our fellows can see it! You can also email it to us at, tag us on Twitter @imaginationasu or mail it to PO Box 876511, Tempe, AZ 85287.

Share your Vision

To get started, click on the image that resonates with your idea of a possible climate future. This will be the front of your postcard!