Hello from the future!


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A bunch of storms rolled through last week in the valley. The water collection system you made has been in overdrive after the trees were able to quench their thirst. You can see the overflow indicator is finally red! Wild that we used to hate floods. Now we depend

Luiza Mitrache

I live in symbiosis with nature. I hear water birds and cracking trees. I see many nuances of green, brown and yellow. I plant and grow my own food. I produce my own energy.


The central Willamette Valley’s old grass seed farms are now overgrown with wildflowers and blackberry brambles. And the huge five square mile food forest we began planting a decade ago is really coming into its own. I’ve been taking my turn at aerial turbine maintenance. The first time I strapped


I had to trudge through snow in -5 degrees last week to fix a problem with the wind power distribution system. The electricity was there, but we couldn’t get enough juice flowing to power both garden heaters and homes. We had to act fast; in the freezing Cascadian mountains


The future here in the eastern Cascadian smells lush and sweet. Big improvements in water harvesting technology are not only a huge relief, but have been a game changer here for communities in the high desert. It’s meant we have plenty of drinking water, and there’s even been an


Life in the Crooked Creek gets better everyday as we continue learning how to create homes and communities that work in cooperation with the surrounding environment, rather than exploiting it. Efforts to reverse local desertification continue, and have already resulted in an explosion of life throughout our grasslands ecosystem.


Soaked to the bone today, the atmospheric water generators have been working overtime with the humidity. Feels like a real rainstorm in the food forest, almost like the old days. The plants don’t care if it’s a storm or the AWG’s, they are just thirsty!


The chinampa project is finally up and running! Just powered on the flood generator last week. Finally getting power to our camp and pretty soon gonna have some amazing fish spawns. Crazy this is all just floating out in the water, like a little private island.


Alexi, we finally got the oranges to come in. Been -24 for the past couple of days but the geothermal heat is still rockin’ and making sure everything stays alive. Research is coming along, though I wish I didn’t have to walk to the grow chambers in the snow!

ben west

I’m pretty sure this is you backyard. It smells like flowers and cookies the kids are making (they are still the kids even though they are all grown up now). You can hear the tide coming in and an eagle circling above. Everyone feels safe and comfortable here.

Mari McMillan

Smells like lavender and pine, looks green and lush, sounds quiet no machinery because everything’s electric, lots of laughter, tastes like coffee.


Remember back when you were a kid and the flood waters got up to the top balcony, and all you could say was “Daddy let’s go swimming!” while there was a damn hurricane outside!? Well, it happened again and we had to make some changes to the city.