Hello from the future!


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It sounds like multiple species of different organisms interacting with each other (ex. bird sounds). It smells like fresh rain, not the nasty smell but the one that smells really nice. I wouldn’t recommend tasting the climate cause it doesn’t really have a taste.


Coexisting with the environment and taking a step back from the bustle of the current world are two key features of my climate future. I like this scene because it shows a relaxed, Venice-like vision of the future with a unique solution to road-related climate problems.


it smells like lemon grass, tastes like cucumbers and feels like swimming in a lake

Carlos García-Rivera

The world has never sounded so full. Birds chirp, frogs croak, everything can be heard but the aggressive machines of the past.

Jayda Ramjattan

I dream of clear skies and clean air and water.

TV Miskowski

Hello! It’s amazing here! We are very in touch with the land around us and we love it! The plants are blooming and the soil is soft and fertile. We have all been given seeds to plant our own crops on our own land.


My positive climate looks vibrantly green, sounds of birds chirpping, smells of freshly fallen rain, tastes minty clean, and feels like a warm hug.


My positive climate future looks very green, sounds very serene, smells like nature, and feels extremely calming.


It smells clean, the sent of petrichor lingers in the air, and people new to the desert will always be surprised by how green the desert can be.

Alejandra and Shayna

My future looks clean, smells like fresh flowers, sounds like birds chirping, tastes fresh and crisp, and feels light.

Glenallen Thomas

In the rainforest new technology is built that both acts like a tree while collecting clean drinkable water. These technologies allow animals to live and thrive while also getting us water. It’s wet and humid and plant life is healthy. This regenerative agriculture

Kaylee Smith

The breeze flows through the palm leaves that stand above my head, leaving an aroma of the rain. The air is cool enough to the point where the sun does not feel blazing on my skin.