Hello from the future!


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Alexi, we finally got the oranges to come in. Been -24 for the past couple of days but the geothermal heat is still rockin’ and making sure everything stays alive. Research is coming along, though I wish I didn’t have to walk to the grow chambers in the snow!

ben west

I’m pretty sure this is you backyard. It smells like flowers and cookies the kids are making (they are still the kids even though they are all grown up now). You can hear the tide coming in and an eagle circling above. Everyone feels safe and comfortable here.

Mari McMillan

Smells like lavender and pine, looks green and lush, sounds quiet no machinery because everything’s electric, lots of laughter, tastes like coffee.


Remember back when you were a kid and the flood waters got up to the top balcony, and all you could say was “Daddy let’s go swimming!” while there was a damn hurricane outside!? Well, it happened again and we had to make some changes to the city.


Nadia, remember when we would sit on the generator droid by the river when we were younger? Finally fixed that hunk of junk back up, and it’s running on the banks right now!


Hey hon! You won’t believe what we got going now. The new fabricators for the turbine blades came in and we finally got the last one running! The ivy from your seed vault is doing great, it’s loving the roof garden more than I thought!


Het is koud hier! Maar in de bolkassen is het wat warmer en kunnen we lekker plantjes laten groeien.


Hi Chan We are pulling a project together called ‘fighting the global fire’ Can you remind me about the biochar-plantation-fire-prevention work that was done in Sumatra that that prevented 100,000,000 tonnes per year of releases? It would be a great worked example Cheers Hans


I went for a walk through the city at dawn today. You wouldn’t call it a city to 2021 standards, but more like a human-inhabited forest. The sidewalks are made of grass, the streets smell of pine trees, and the birds sing their hearts out every morning.


Dear Phaedra….I am loving all the beauty around me in the lush gardens of the rain forest. We have plenty of sunlight and rain to keep the foliage green and the air is so pure. We developed new innovations to keep our planet healthy.

Posi Tucker

Dear Ari – Our future planet has sunny skies and palm trees and I hear sounds of the waterfalls which give us our source of clean water. It feels and smells like spring – the awakening of the leaves on the trees and the smell of the rich soil.


Hi Hans Hope you are keeping warm. This is the view from the top of Penang Hill, across Fairhaven, back to the mainland. I’m pleased to say that these new low-wind-speed turbines do actually work! What a relief! Cheers! Chan….