Hello from the future!


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Hi Chan Thanks for your cards – reminding me of warmer days! It’s bitterly cold here in Newfoundland. Not seen any bears yet. The Arctic refreezing project is coming on well. That crazy machine we designed works a treat! Ciao! Hans………..


Hi Hans A cool restaurant in the New Orleans district of Fairhaven, just off the main canal. There are loads of rowboats to get around and a really fun atmosphere, it’s a nice touch. The residential district behind it is charming, lots of bikes, Cheers! Chan…


Hi Hans, I am back at our favorite restaurant in Penang Fairhaven, Mexican/Russian/Chinese fusion, awesome! I loved your idea for repurposing the advertising industry to fix the climate crisis. Hilarious and inspired. I really think it could work! See you at the Ocean Orchards next week. Cheers! Chan………………………..

Clark Miller

Light. Cities and communities blanketed with solar panels: art, shade, power, justice, income, empowerment, jobs, community, resilience, value. Our lives re-layered with the cycles, warmth, energy, and life-giving nourishment of the sun. Grassroots innovation.

Keith Anderson

Green, verdant, a taste of dust, the heat of the day and the clean smell of rich earth

Ed Finn

The best thing about this vacation is the quiet, broken only by seabirds crying in the wind while sail ships move silently across the bay. And the fish! Next time you’re here, you have to try it–so wonderful to finally be able to taste something from the sea again.


When you walk around our neighborhood, you can smell a heady mix of all the herbs that people are growing in wall-mounted boxes, or freestanding planters. The air pollution that we choked on for decades is still clearing, and the mornings smell of wet stone.


I never forget where I am. The climate controlled living area inside my well appointed tent; the smooth, clean tile floors; the streaming video library just a voice command away.It’s all gone in a rush as I step outside and the vegetal smell of the jungle greets my nose.


Salty, clear air, I can smell seaweed and sea grasses. The temperature is perfect, with a breeze.


The air is fresh and bright, even in humid weather. The sounds are peaceful, and I hear birds and the quiet hum of well-maintained machinery.