Hello from the future!


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hailey s yang

it looks bright. the colors of the grass is green, the air is clear, it smells like water and flowers. the taste is so clean, without dirt. easy to breathe. it feels like a nice easy summer day.

Trinity Hooten

It looks very green, and I mean literally. I want to see more trees, and plants, just nature in general. It sounds like birds chirping, people laughing and talking, and maybe some background noise from the new structures we have built. It smells like nature and fresh flowers.

Alexandra Pierson

I picture my future to be full of greenery and technology working side by side, the sounds of animals and humans in harmony, the smell of summer, and the feel of softness.

Chloe Christie

The air is so much cleaner, and the food we eat now is healthy and rich in taste thanks to no more fertilizer. Though the climate back in your time caused flooding, our town has built around it. We get around mostly by boat instead of by car.

Amelia Eric

My future earth looks like a beautiful combination of human contraptions and nature structures. Living co-existence with nature instead of dominating.

mack’o lord

“Breath in… And breath out”, those simple moments in life I lived for until the disaster struck our small community. The trees took this opportunity to prosper their roots, sticking to the ground with a deep intention to stay dormant. The soil does not question this act of compassion.

Jenieyah Diaz

No fossil fuels Balance with nature and cities


There is lots of plant life everywhere, we hear birds, insects, and other animals all day long, and the air smells very fresh.


It seem to be snowy and it feels cold. I can smell the cold air although when I go inside the tree globe, I can also smell the trees.

me in the future

The air smells great and the water is clear.


It’ll look greener and like towns and cities more foresty. It’ll feel like you’re more outside in nature than just being in the city.


I see/hear plants/trees/animals living within their environments naturally/happily without pollution affecting them, plus nature and humans living together in peace. The food grown is pesticide free and has such flavor, not many processed goods anymore and if they are they are in biodegradable containers.